Behind the scenes of a VR shoot

behind the scenes

Moviemaking is an art that’s greatly evolved over the years. But 360o VR shoots are a unique type of moviemaking that require a sophisticated level of artistry and skill. Imagine operating a camera that captures everything around the set at once, and all the challenges that might go along with that: getting production crew out of the way, recording 360o sound, mastering the lighting. Accordingly, the makers of 360o VR movies — immersive Content Specialists (ICRs) — are hybrids of filmmakers, instructional designers and UX experts. Here’s a quick overview of how they and their team get it done.


Like a traditional movie, it all starts with a script, a director and actors…


Except that you are now shooting at 360° and your camera has six lenses


The script is the blueprint for what the case and crew do on set and is referenced at all times


But unlike traditional sets, the lighting setup is not just about ambiance. It also ensures the learner’s eye is drawn to the right part of the 360° scene.


Solutions architects partner with learning specialists to ensure the final content delivers on learning objectives.


Actors need to adapt to the six-lens camera, so we put a green smiley as a reference point for where actors should make eye contact.


The ambisonic microphone attached to the tripod captures audio from all directions from the same position as the camera.


Outside the shoot, the crew uses a table to check the six distinct perspectives.


Our crew members constantly communicate via earpieces and walkie talkies on set.


During post-production, color cards become essential for calibrating the exposure and coloring of each video.