Editor’s letter

Most would agree that transformation in the workplace has accelerated far beyond what we could have imagined just 12 months ago. From remote employees having to blend their jobs with their homes to essential workers having to enforce new safety protocols while supporting a nation, we have all had to take on new and unprecedented challenges. And with the isolation from social distancing and the much needed self reflection on what inclusion means to our society, the world around us is reinforcing our craving for awareness and human connection.  

It’s a time of transformation.

It’s a time of acceleration.

It’s a time for reflection.

In this second edition of Rise Mag, we have invited business innovators and thought leaders to share their perspectives on this new normal, this accelerated future of work, and the redefinition of social connections. We believe that, now more than ever, building and scaling culture is critical. It’s about teaching our teams and each other how to build empathy, have difficult yet constructive conversations, and move from bystander to active change-maker.

We also take time to reflect on how learning has evolved. From online schools to remote workplaces to bread-making in our kitchens, we are craving more than a flat screen and a Zoom call. We want more engaging and memorable learning moments, and we hope to immerse you in a few of these moments here. 

Finally, we take a look at the impact that technology has had over the last several decades, and the incredible opportunities it has generated. We are a society of connected educators and innovators, and and it continues to promise great potential for our future. 

We hope you enjoy this issue.

By Veronique Lafargue
Vice President Marketing, Strivr