BMW: Changing the way the world moves

BMW Factory

Immersive Learning at BMW

At BMW, employees share a passion for changing the way the world moves.

With safety on the factory floor paramount, BMW teamed up with Strivr to train manufacturing employees using Immersive Learning. Virtual Reality (VR) gives BMW the means to train employees on safety, in a realistic environment, before they ever step onto an actual factory floor. Immersive Learning allows BMW to scale up the most effective type of 1:1 teaching, giving trainees immediate feedback, and giving trainers access to unique immersive data so they understand exactly what employees know and don’t know.

With Immersive Learning, BMW has been able to aid employee experience and engagement at work while still doing what the company has always done best: build premium BMWs for the world.

At BMW, we are constantly exploring
ways to enrich the training of our
employees by leveraging cutting edge technologies, such as VR.

Strivr is leading the charge in Immersive Learning, and we are thrilled to be a part of Strivr’s growth story.

Managing Partner, BMW i VENTURES