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By Tyson Baber
Lead Investor, Georgian

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Tyson Baber
Lead Investor, Georgian

At Georgian, we have a deep respect for entrepreneurs and believe in injecting growth capital to pave the way for best-in-class technology partners. We invest in technologies when the time is right and the market is growing. It’s obvious that Immersive Learning is one of these technologies that’s taken hold, and we are excited to be a part of the movement as it accelerates in the face of remote work and distributed teams.

The thesis behind our interest in Immersive Learning and the Series B investment in Strivr rests squarely on data. The companies that succeed in today’s world are able to augment human-driven “gut feel” with data to make better decisions across every line of business in the enterprise — and more importantly, in the area of human capital. Imagine if HR leaders are able to extrapolate and advocate for data-driven decisions around people the way finance and marketing departments have done for so many years.

Being mindful of talent management and building a more skilled workforce have long been topics of conversation within HR teams, but are now taking a front seat in C-suite and boardroom discussions. An organization is only as strong as its people, and understanding how to assess skills and measure performance has never been more critical. Until recently, the data needed to do this hadn’t been available. Now, we are seeing an incredible opportunity to uncover the power of data through immersive technologies like Virtual Reality.

Through VR-based Immersive Learning, we can now securely access a whole wealth of data that’s never been available before in order to predict and measure workforce performance. With Strivr, we are seeing a game-changing ability to draw out the real power of immersive analytics, leveraging new data sets across assessment and learning experiences that have not been accessible until now. It’s something you just can’t do with any other platform or learning modality.

With these promising new data capabilities and the accelerated adoption of Immersive Learning in the enterprise space, it’s vital that the technology can be delivered at scale. The data is only as valuable as its ability to shed insights at the company-wide level, allowing leaders of business to make data-driven decisions based on how their teams are learning and performing in line with the company’s strategic objectives. As we’ve seen in Strivr’s partnerships with Verizon and Walmart, where nearly 20,000 headsets were deployed and more than one million employees have been trained in the last 18 months, there’s no question that this technology is enterprise-ready.

In today’s environment, the organizations that will rise to the top are going to be able to connect people to data. Through Immersive Learning, we are now able to take advantage of the ability to interact with, train, and evaluate the performance of people. It’s paving the way for true data analytics and AI in workforce performance, and this is why at Georgian we see it as a key platform for accelerating enterprise growth.

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