Editor’s letter

Our collective, immersive future lies just ahead.

Let’s take a quick look at where we’ve been. When we first published this magazine in January 2020, it was a time of low unemployment and soaring optimism. A year later, we had to accept what would become our “new normal,” characterized by virtual connections fueled by a world-changing pandemic. The dichotomy between the two macro economic climates was palpable, and felt unprecedented.

Yet, here we are again in 2022: facing massive workforce shifts, from “The Great Resignation” to the “The Great Migration,” with employees being afforded new levels of mobility and employers having to rethink their approach to employee hiring, development, and retention.

As the new editor-in-chief of Rise Mag, it was important for me to examine where we’ve been so that I can focus on where we’re going. As you’ll see, we tackle these new frontiers with some of today’s leading voices in HR and Learning & Development to bring you innovative yet impactful insights to today’s biggest enterprise challenges.

In this edition, we gathered the executive voices that have informed, intrigued, and inspired us over the past year. A year that, with it, brought vaccines to combat a global pandemic, workers pursuing new passions, and a renewed urgency for companies to entice the workforce back into frontline roles as quickly and safely as possible. More recently, we saw the future of work and play coming into view through the immersive Metaverse.

It’s a lot to digest, so where do you start?

I hope this edition of Rise Mag will serve as a solid jumping off point. Whether you are looking for credible executive perspectives on employee experience and learning, tactical suggestions from experts on bringing immersive solutions to the enterprise, or insights into what the the future of immersive experiences might actually look like, we’ve got you covered.

We are witnessing a true workforce revolution, and I’m excited for you to explore these collective perspectives in hopes they inspire continued creativity, innovation, and opportunity.

Please enjoy!

Kristi L. Rawlinson
Head of Marketing, Strivr