Key questions to ask before selecting an immersive platform

walmart employee wearing vr headset

Will it allow me to train my entire frontline workforce?

Why it’s important:
Scale is critical; the platform should manage delivery and measurement of VR training across a distributed workforce.

vr headsets on table

Can I use any VR device?

Why it’s important:
You want to use the right device for the right experience and learning group, so having the option to employ different devices can be beneficial.

person using vr headset in living room

How will it fit with my current training technology and programs?

Why it’s important:
You don’t want to upend all of your current L&D programs, so ensure that VR will complement and enhance existing systems.

vr camera

How do we get VR content for our business?

Why it’s important:
For the platform to deliver its full potential, you need effective content and a strong content partner, especially early on.

person interacting with vr elements

How do I measure ROI?

Why it’s important:
People love VR training, but that’s often not enough. Dig deeper to understand cost savings, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue impact.